The military demons of razgriz clan or also known as »RZ« clan is a military based themed clan. The military was created on July 5th, 2007 by [RZ]LEADER as a means to escape from the never ending civil war of his former clan. [RZ] fought it's first war 3 days after it's creation. The clan it fought and successfully defeated was {RT$} (now disbanded). After his first win the leader was experiencing the same thing other clan leaders felt. IMPERSONATION 3 people tried to be this new leader and some how failed even though his name was that easy to fake. Then he was alerted by one of his men via. xFire. after 3 impersonations rzleader decided to go inactive from gaming clans for 2 weeks. After his temporary leave he had changed the configuration of his name. Now named »RZ«®ÅZG®!Z this leader of 6 successful clan wars in rz was ready to take the rest of the clan wars by storm. Now »RZ« is consisting of 14 branches (only 7 are actually listed) is still recruiting with the demonlord razgriz himself active and his nephew »RZ«¶§¥©Ø is the ones reportedly to be active. the status on others is still unknown.