HLR is an gaming clan featured in Halo Reach there leader is JoeTat96.


The clan descendesd from a couple of soliders who where part of the ex-super clan, Yin-Yang. angered by there clans split up the two soliders looked high and low for somewhere to call home. The two soliders where called JoeTat96 & Fatboy ChumChum. The soliders discovered salvation in EGK, who helped them set up there own clan, HLR. With rage and revenge burning hard and fast in there hearts the HLR was born.

Original namesEdit

HLR was origionaly going to be called many things:

  • Hustle, Loyaltie, Truth
  • Victors of Honor
  • Dragon spawn

Finaly they settled for Honor, Loyaltie, Respect.


HLR origionally consisted of two Leaders both Joetat96 and Fatboy ChumChum.

First RunEdit

The first time round HLR made a name for itself by chalenging loads of clans to battles, however due to been undermaned and under-skilled the clan suffered majore loss. The clan's downfall started before it began, the Clan originaly consisted of two squadrens, White squad run by JoeTat96 and Black Squad run by Fatboy ChumChum. In the begining moral was relitivley high throughout the clan and its troops and everyone was on nickname terms with eachother. The clan fell apart when a trail went wrong and the introduction of Gold squad led by Magzznclipzz a trusted member went bust soon the two leaders decided to call it a day and the clan folded.

Second RunEdit

The Second run featured a completly new system in which JoeTat96 trained himself a small army ready to attack his major enemy Spartan League Tigers. The battle resulted in victory and JoeTat96 dissapered leaving HLR behind to whoever wanted it and has not been seen online since but rumor has it he will return in march. Nobody took control of HLR and it has long since been forgoten.

Curent status reportEdit