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=Bio= He is in [[the White Cross]], a

Rudebot101 in Halo 3

nd the 3rd of the Imperial legion and the brother of king Thel Vadam


He sucks with A gravity hammer but pretty good with a sword. He choices to use a magnum to run and hit people ( don't blame him if it doesn't work). He is good at halo as you can see by his mildly high rank like Warrant Officer and in Halo 3 he is a captain grade three. I know not high.


He is good with heavy and mid-ranged weapons but sucks at CQC. He usually can be a tyrantic leader, and will stop at nothing for victory, even at the cost of his allies. He sucks as a sniper, but has been getting better at it. He mostly uses Stealth in combat.


"You hamster-kisser" -Rudebot101, after killing a hacker

"Take this one chocolate-coated" -Rudebot101, sniping a hacker "

Pick up your balls and fight like a man" -Rudebot101, response to a retreat.

"Noob Got Knifed" -Rudebot101, assassinating a hacker.

"If you want it done right, do it yourself" - Rudebot101, after seeing a teammate die.