Skymin492 in Halo 3


Reshiram643 is one of the members of the The White Cross. He was the fourth and final member of the Imperial Legion.


While not an expert with the Energy Sword, he does have impressive talent with melee and shotgun tactics. Usually, he leaves Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer based combat to the rest of his team. He does try to improve his sword skills, taking the abilities of Nutty48, king Thel Vadam, and Tucker (from Red vs Blue) as refrence.


Reshiram643 shows expert prowess while using weapons such as the Assault Rifle and Plasma Repeater (Plasma 'Revolver' as he prefers to call it). When given the choice of an AR or a sniper, he would reply, "Screw the scope, I prefer the LED ammo counter of an AR!"


In Halo 3, Reshiram643 was a frequent Bubble Shield user, often scoffing at the noobs (n00bz, as he likes to call them, taking reference from Arby n' the Ch33f) over estimating the BS' powers. When viewing someone trying to use a Bubble Shield to stop a vehicle, his or not, he would reply, "Why are you treating the BS as, well, BS? It stops bullets, NOT CARS YOU RETARD!" In Halo: Reach, the final product or the beta, he is a huge fan of the Jetpack and Armor Lock. When attacking someone from above with the Jetpack, he would usually yell out "BONZAI!!!!!!" Armor Lock, however is a completely new animal. Instead of totally abusing it "Ch33f Style" like callofhalo123 would, he often uses it with the old phrase "The best offense is the best fucking defense" (paraphrasing, of course) in mind.

View on Hackers[5]Edit[4]EditEdit

He thinks they're "Goddamn assholes who are ruining the best game ever made in the history of gaming." Nuff said.

Prefered Species[6]Edit[5]EditEdit

Spartans. They protect humanity and are, in his mind, total badasses.


Take Sgt. Johnson, Jorge, Buck, Chief, Emile, Shaymin (from the 11th Pokemon movie), and mush them all together.


"Knock-knock! Who's there? The next best thing to a banhammer, you hacking n00bz!" -Skymin492, Matchmaking.

"Good thing you're not a hacker... cause if you were I'd file complaint you 7,000 times for hacking!." -Reshiram643, in response to if someone did well.

"Hackers, you have three things to fear about me: my skills with a Warthog, AR, and Jetpacks. Mainly Jetpacks." -Reshiram643, when facing hackers.

"Move up!" -Reshiram643, in response to a Scout unit.

"Okay, who's being an asshole?" -Reshiram643, in response to a betrayal on his team.

"Do good, and I won't give you a lecture on how to use a Pack!." -Reshiram643, in response to a Flight unit, otherwise known as Air Assualt or Jet-Pack.

"See you on 12/31/9999, hackers!." -Reshiram643, after facing hackers.

"I'm like Jorge, minus the turret." Reshiram643, quoting on his "skilz".